Disable the CircleCI cache



There are certain cases wherehaving the CircleCI cache is NOT beneficial to have. It would be great if the circle.yml file could have an option to disable the CircleCI cache by default.

Example use-case:
Project “A” depends on project “B”. Project B has common code, which both A and B use. When project B code changes, project A should get the latest version of that. Both projects have version “V”, which cannot change from build to build.
-Project B builds in CircleCI, and deploys jars to artifactory (or other storage).
-Project A builds in CircleCI. It sees that Project B jars (with version V) are in the local cache, so it grabs them.
-Build fails because A build did not grab the latest B code.

Is there any way to disable caching period?

Any updates on this? It is EXTREMELY annoying when builds crash because of this stupid cache. I would like to disable this from build to build if possible.