Developers' Choice Nominees



One great thing about having software people as our customers is y’all understand a lot of what we go through to ship our software, and we understand a lot about what you go through to ship yours.

As you can imagine (and see here on Discuss) we have way more things we want to build for you than we ever could build.

Most of what we choose to build is based on what most teams would do – optimizing the intersection of our business strategy with level of effort and available resources. But that leaves us with a big pile of features we’d love to build but never quite get to. Enter, our new experiment: Developers’ Choice – a list of features that you, our customers, can vote for directly. Whichever gets the most votes this week will get slated to ship soon.

If you want to see your favorite feature listed here next time, be sure to start a new thread in our Feature Request category. We really do read each and every one and watch what gets the most votes.

Polling Closes Monday April 25th at 5:00PM PST

  • Add more events to trigger scripts/hooks, especially when a build starts or after a failed/successful build
  • Make the UI work better on mobile devices
  • Surface my slowest tests on the Insights tools
  • Add an audit log of changes made to project and organization settings
  • Expand and improve the API (leave a comment with your requests)
  • Add first-class support to use Artifactory instead of CircleCI for artifact storage
  • Add a setting to prevent concurrent builds on the same branch (by auto-canceling queued or running builds on a branch when a newer commit is pushed)
  • Add an option to require presence of circle.yml to proceed with a build
  • Add optional notifications when build times hit certain thresholds (e.g.: builds longer than a set number of minutes)

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