Deployments don't seem right to me



The deployment process in 2.0 just seems really odd to me. I don’t personally think all this should be part of one build “stage”

For instance I’ve just realised we’re deploying pull requests… :dizzy_face: … I think the easiest way to resolve is to check if it’s actually a PR in the deploy command. But that moves on to my next point…

I think deploys should be more like the build “stage” … I don’t think writing some bash in a yml file is actually the right thing to do but we’re forced to so we can simply check it’s the right branch or it’s not a PR :cry:

TLDR … I believe the deployment shouldn’t be a “step” in the build, probably a standalone “stage” … Deploys on PRs should just not happen at all, I can’t think of any real use case for this, if there is I guess it should be a config option ? … Finally branches the deploy should run on should just be explicitly defined rather than in inline bash script

Hope this feedback helps


It ultimately won’t be :slight_smile:


that’s great news, are you able to share any more details or an ETA ?


I wish I had an ETA :frowning:

This is basically the direction the config is going, but I don’t really have more specifics than that yet:


Thanks for the link!

That workaround is a useful one. However, I would like to know if the long term plan is to integrate these build stages better into the frontend?
Using this workaround it is a bit confusing that the original job (build) finishes while a new one ist started. So to see the results of my actual deployment I need to switch over to the overview and look at the newly created job.

That’s fine as a workaround but IMO is no feasible solution in the long run - especially because I have 3 build stages (build, build Docker images, deploy) so I need to switch the job view 2 times.


I don’t know of any further specifics so we’ll have to wait and see.


We are working on advanced functionality to help address this issue.

Can you please reach out to us at and reference this thread.

Please include your org name and projects that are building on 2.0


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