Deploying to elastic beanstalk never completes




First of all - Great work on the platform. I have been really impressed with CircleCI and specifically v2.0.

So, today I have built a custom docker container based on the circleci/node:7.10.0 image which adds python, pip and the awsebcli.

After some poking around I have managed to get it to deploy to elastic beanstalk, the issue is it never gets a response from AWS and sits there forever - despite having successfully deployed.

#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
eb use env-name && eb deploy
WARNING: You have uncommitted changes.
Creating application version archive "app-xxxx-xxxx-xxx".
Uploading env-name/ to S3. This may take a while.
Upload Complete.

I’m wondering if there are firewall rules preventing messages coming back in? Any help would be welcome.


EB deploy not receiving final status update, hence never completes

It’s definitely not a firewall, but this certainly sounds frustrating.

Can you try debugging via SSH and turning on some verbosity? You can append the --verbose flag to your command.


Hi rohara,

Thanks for getting back to me.

So I have issued the command with the verbose flag and this is what I get.

circleci@16093e41497b:~/build$ eb deploy kintra-dev --verbose
INFO: Deploying code to kintra-dev in region us-east-1
INFO: Getting version label from git with git-describe
Creating application version archive "app-db33-170619_070227".
INFO: creating zip using git archive HEAD
INFO: git archive output: .circleci/
-- LOTS OF TS Files
INFO: Uploading archive to s3 location: kintra/
Uploading kintra/ to S3. This may take a while.
Upload Complete.
INFO: Creating AppVersion app-db33-170619_070227

As before the deployment is stuck in CircleCI however it initiates a deployment successfully and completes with absolutely no issues in the AWS Elastic Beanstalk web console.

Let me know if I can debug this any further for you.




Thanks for that info! This is a new issue to me, but it seems like a default value isn’t right for your EB. Could there be default values that don’t match your settings? Is us-east-1 the right region for you?


Hi Rohara,

us-east-1 is the correct region. Here are the defaults I’ve set in .ebextensions in case that helps at all? I’ll keep playing and see.

    environment: kintra-dev
  application_name: kintra
  branch: null
  default_ec2_keyname: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  default_platform: 64bit Amazon Linux 2017.03 v4.1.0 running Node.js
  default_region: us-east-1
  instance_profile: null
  platform_name: null
  platform_version: null
  profile: eb-cli
  repository: null
  sc: git
  workspace_type: Application




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