Deploy from a build of a fork pull request



I’d like to build and test pull requests from a fork, and afterward upload build artifacts to Bintray and push a merge commit tag to GitHub. To accomplish this without exposing credentials to the user, I’d like to be able to

  1. set environment variables and an ssh key specifically for the deployment stage from the CircleCI web interface
  2. override the deployment section of the circle.yml from the web interface so as not to run any code from the user’s fork while the credentials are available (environment variables and ~/.ssh)

If I disable the Advanced Settings / Free and Open Source to make the build privates, and use the web interface to configure the tests rather than the circle.yml file, then this functionality is almost possible now, if it were possible to disable the circle.yml file for fork pull requests, or even disable circle.yml all together. Is it possible to disable circle.yml?


Thanks for the feature request!

This is not possible right now. This seems like it could come in handy.


If it were possible to either give the test scripts configure from the web interface precedence over the circle.yml file, or alternatively disable the circle.yml file, I could add credentials to the web interface tests to deploy artifacts from the build of fork pull requests, which would be very useful to me. Any chance that this feature request is somewhere on your development radar?



My “Post-test commands”, configured using the web UI, include credentials to upload artifacts to Bintray. I’d like to be able to expose to the world the build logs of all the other steps, but hide the configuration of the “Post-test commands” and its logs. Could that be possible, or even better, could a private “Deploy” stage be added to the web interface?