Delete project

So, am I missing something or can you not delete a project?

I am not able to add a new project either, which I assume is because I have too many existing projects on the free account.

Fairly new to CircleCI.

Try going to the “Add Projects” tab and “Unfollow Project”.

I don’t think there is a project limit - in what way are you disallowed?

Ok, I did not know that each project was tied absolutely to my BitBucket project.
Deleting the BitBucket project also deleted it from CircleCI.
If I only unfollowed it, it was still there in the CircleCI list.

Same for creating. I thought I was going to be able to create a project in CircleCI first, but no. So, adding a new one in BitBucket was my solution.

Thanks for responding though.

We don’t have a limit on projects under a free account. What is the error you are getting, is it not showing in add projects, or do you get an error when you try to add it?

It sounds like you resolved the delete a project issue, am I correct?

I want to delete a project out of circle ci. I found this email list. And no… it rather obviously didn’t solve my problem. :frowning:

I guess I’ll submit a support ticket.