Delete Branch Notification


I’m using CircleCI to manage my entire dev / stage / production workflow. Circle grabs new branches, tests them, and then deploys them out to my staging and production servers automatically.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no hook in Circle that allows my servers to remove deleted or merged branches. It’d be fantastic if Circle could somehow notify my staging server of a deleted branch so the staging server could clean up after itself.

Here’s how I would imagine it working,


# … lots of yml …

    branch: feature-branch


With the above each successful test would kick off a deployment to AWS.

When a branch is deleted, however, Circle could use the same pre / post logic it uses elsewhere and provide hooks for custom logic. Here the code would have to be checked out in the last known state in order to run that custom logic.


Thank you for this feature request! We will be sure to update this thread again if/when we implement this.

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