Customize Github commit status message


I’d be cool to be able to customize the status message posted to Github’s commit status API. Currently, the text Your tests passed on CircleCI! is used, which doesn’t add more information, since the green checkmark already indicates success. Instead, this text field could be used to e.g. indicate the number of tests run, or display various other brief metrics about the commit or test.


I agree. Unfortunately, last I looked I don’t think Github gives us the ability to pass in variables there. I’ll double check their documentation and send our contacts over there a note and see if we can’t make something happen :slight_smile:


Just expose modifying the description, the result of parsing artifacts and leave the rest to us :slight_smile:

I would prefer if you exposed helper functions to communicate status at any stage instead of just start and stop. This way, a job that runs lint and/or tests could be two checks and not just one. I know its relatively simple to write with curl, but its just one of those things that 99% of circleci users would benefit from.


This is essentially addressed in Workflows. Not in the way you stated, but in the way that we can now have multiple jobs that tie into each other however you need.


awesome! I solved this in a slightly different way, as can be seen using this docker image here:

      - run:
      name: Lint
      command: ghs start lint "running lint" && (/go/bin/golint -set_exit_status ./... && ghs success lint "nothing to report") || ghs fail lint "errors were found"

Will definitely dig into workflows.


This works great in workflows, the different jobs in the workflow show up as different Github steps:

However the initial question raised in this thread now applies even more, because a bootstrap or deploy job will still always report “Your tests passed[/failed] on CircleCI”.

I understand that the original question was about being able to customise including variables, but even some static customisation for success/failure messages would help out.


Is there any update for this feature? :slight_smile:

We have some checks that aren’t really tests, would be nice to customise the message, hopefully with a dynamic content

  • 1 for updates!

We’re using workflows now, and have about 10 different status dots, only 2 of which are actually tests… would be great to customize the messages.