Custom Builds from Web UI


It would be great to be able to trigger custom builds from the Web UI (from a branch or commit), specifically workflow builds. Travis CI’s “Trigger a Custom Build” is exactly what I’m looking for:

The specific use-case for us is to allow our non-technical or less-technical team members to trigger builds for testing. For example, we have a workflow nightly build set to build every night with cron that gets auto-distributed to team members. Occasionally, we’d like to re-distribute a new version before the next nightly (but don’t want to auto-distribute every commit).


There is a similar feature to what you are looking for on CircleCI.
Go to your Project’s settings and see the section “Test Commands”. From there you have the same functionality as suggested in that article you posted.



Thanks, that’s close, but not exactly what I need.

  1. There’s no way I can convince the non-technical members of the team to play around in the project settings area (nor do I want them there where they could accidentally change something)
  2. I mentioned that I need the ability to trigger a workflow (circle v2). This seemed to trigger a single job within my workflow, but not the actual series of jobs (in the workflow) that is associated with the branch.
  3. It’s unclear what “test commands” refers to in the context of Circle v2 (; I thought that was a Circle v1 concept (


Thanks for the update! Agreed that this doesn’t help you much then.

Have you explored the manual approval functionality and scheduled jobs?
I wonder if that can help your use case.


Yep, I’m using both of those. The manual approval functionality almost provides what I need. The problem with it is that if you take no action (our typical use case), the workflow for that commit is in a permanent “waiting for approval” state (purple). This is confusing to look at and can lead to errors in the future if someone accidentally approves it. You can cancel the workflow to prevent an accidental approval, but that marks the workflow as cancelled, which is confusing to look at (red seems like failure) and is also painful when there are lots of builds (most of which are not released).

Parameterized, manually triggered builds

@rishimkumar I have a similar request open here: