Create "linkable" artifacts



I use artifacts to export several reports for each of my builds (a coverage report and a static analysis report). It is really hard to navigate these reports in the artifacts tab because all the HTML/CSS/JS files are just in a small tree and it is hard to find the root index.html file. It is also hard to explain to someone else how to find and use that file.

It would be great if you could denote a certain file path in your artifacts to be “linkable” or something, and have a link to just that file(s) appear at the top of your build output.


That’s a great idea—thank you very much for your suggestion!

One question, though: would it be correct to suppose that you are interested only in the index.html file most of the time? If so, could it be an option to compress most of the coverage report files into a tar archive and only leave the index.html file plus assets necessary for it to get displayed correctly outside the archive? This will significantly reduce the number of files that you see in the Artifacts tab while still keeping all the information there.


Thats a good idea, however in my case all but 2 or 3 of the files in the report are assets for the index.html.


I don’t think I have a better solution for you right now. Sorry about that :disappointed: