Create Github Release/Tag on Success?


This may not be specific to 2.0, but is there a builtin way to specify create a github release and/or tag on build/test success? I’m tired of manually doing it and before I start busting out some scripting I was hoping it may be built in.


I don’t think there is anything built in for that. In our setup we do standard post-build scripts, just make sure you uploaded the SSH key for, say, if you push your tags to Github.


The point is, will CiecleCI run a build when only a tag (not a commit) is pushed to the repository?


EDIT: full Git tag support is now available on CircleCI 2.0. See:


So the tag feature is still available in 2.0? It’s not mentioned anywhere in 2.0. Is that private API that will be dropped when 2.0 becomes stable?



Private API…?
We’re going to support tags on 2.0 but it’s not natively supported yet. It’s a lower priority since the 1.0 syntax works today.


I was worrying about that because it is not mentioned in 2.0 documentation. Not all 1.0 syntax works in 2.0 right? Then which works and which doesn’t?

I’m just making sure it’s not some hack.


Git tag support is now available on CircleCI 2.0. See:

Closing this thread now. Please start a new thread to discuss the newly launched feature.