Could selected jobs be configured to generate a warning instead of pass/fail?



I’m not sure if this is already provided, please excuse me if that the case, but I did my homework and search through the forum and I couldn’t find it.

I have a step in almost all my builds which check dependencies for insecure packages. Sometimes this check is minimal risk and takes a month for the open source community to fix it. However this make my builds fail and seen as red in all PRs.

Meanwhile I have to either add a manual exit 0 after checking dependencies to see green until is fixed, or see my builds fail for that period of time and visiting circleci to check that the error was actually on that step. But this is becoming very common. I already did that once…

I would love to define a warning level for some steps so I can see an orange color in github for example. So I know that is not so bad. It builds and test, but there is something to follow up on.

Is that possible / coherent?

Thank you for reading.


Hi @nicosommi, manually adding the exit 0 to get a green build does resolve the issue of successful/failed builds, but I do see where this can be unwieldy, as you then need to check this manually. I’m not 100% that this would help in this case, but have you tried using the when option? This will allow the steps to continue after one step fails. More on this can be found here.

However, having a warning level message would be useful. If you have a moment, please add this to our Ideas page, with your use case.


Thank you @Sara

Yep, adding exit 0 is what I do currently, but that, as you said, becomes unwiedly for things like dependency check.

The when attribute is useful but it will offer the same solution as the exit 0 solution.
I want to avoid reds on github and unecessary visits to circle ci console output just to double check.

I will create an idea post asap. Thank you again!


Continue running other jobs after required job fails