Correctly update primary container image


Hello there,

we are using a custom build image that we continuously improve. I recently added some commandline tools to the image (in this case the “zip” command). We don’t need any versioning of the image as it is purely for building/testing and we always use the latest version.

We built it, pushed it and it’s available on docker hub (qixxit/elixir-centos in case you’re interested).

To test I deleted the image locally and ran docker run -it --rm qixxit/elixir-centos:latest to verify that the zip is availaible.

Whenever I run a new build though, circle does not recognize the fact that there is a new image available:

Starting container qixxit/elixir-centos:latest
  using image qixxit/elixir-centos@sha256:3f6f99242019639efbe38223ed86e6b636c9ed2e4280e321a9c379096ee3fbd5

Is there a way to reset the image caching of circle? I don’t want to introduce versioning only to trigger image pulls.


There was some discussion about this early in the beta here. We suggest avoiding using latest for the reasons outline above.


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