Contexts mangement interface not working



For one of my organizations, I get an error when visiting the Contexts page in organization settings.

This is displayed:

Error: We got an error (403 - Forbidden) while talking to /query-api. If we can help, contact us.

Clicking “Create Context” also fails, presumably because of the same error.

For my other organizations this works fine - could this be an access issue?

Net XHR payload that fails looks like this:

["~:contexts",["^ ","~:action","~:fetch","~:organization-ref","<redacted>","~:organization-vcs-type","github","~:organization-name","<redacted>","~:resources",[]]]


What are your permissions for that organization?


I’m an owner for the organization.

It seems like the issue is gone now though - either resolved, or was just some temporary issue.


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