Container levlaz/elasticsearch-docker-ci:5.1.1 randomly failing



We occasionally get failing builds due to docker container for elasticsearch failing with a message Exited with code 137. This message appears at the end of normal output you see after successfully spinning up the docker container, without any additional information.

Apparently this is due to the container running out of memory. Considering this message happens right away, it’s not likely to be due to load (nothing is happening yet), but rather an underlying misconfiguration, and/or resource-hungry neighbors.

This issue is blocking production deploys for us. Any chance this could get resolved quickly?


You’ll need to reach out to your CSM. You can reach them at


We are running in to the same issue. I’ve sent an email to and haven’t gotten a response (although it’s only been a few hours). Would love to get some feedback on how to solve as it’s holding up our upgrading to the new elasticsearch version.


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