Concurrency on 2.0


We’ve bought 2 extra containers for our build setup, and we’re investigating some flaky tests as we’re migrating from another CI provider. We’ve been able to start multiple builds in parallel, and it seems to be fairly unlimited how many builds we’re able to start.

For example I’m able to start 5 parallel builds with 3 pipelines, for a total of 15 containers, for a given commit. This has been really useful for us when we’re debugging the inconsistent tests, but I’m not sure if it is supposed to work this way. Is there some sort of best effort support, if there are machines available?

Is this something different from 2.0 or as a paid customer? I’ve ran other projects on a free account where builds have been running one-by-one.


Containers will be allocated as soon as they are available. The build timing tab can show how not all containers start at once, waiting for others to free up first.

Or are you seeing something different?


We’re not seeing the limitation on containers across builds.

Here are 4 builds running in parallel with each of them having 3 containers. They’ve all started, no queue.


I should probably add that I’m starting these build by manually hitting Rebuild from the build page, and only the first one is triggered from a git push.


Can you link me to that branch? You can PM me to keep it out of the public eye.


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