Collect Test Metadata from "go test -json"



Go 1.10 adds a new -json flag to the go test command that outputs test results in a machine-readable JSON format. It would be really cool if Circle CI collected test metadata from this output, like it does with other languages.


Could you just use the test artifact feature, and fetch that via the Circle API? I appreciate that’s not as convenient, but it’d get you unstuck in the short term.

Or can you convert your JSON to JUnit format, so it can integrate with Circle?


Unfortunately, there isn’t really any tool to do that. The closest would be go-junit-report but that doesn’t have any releases and doesn’t seem to be maintained that well (there is a PR from 2016 that is still open)


Fetching the file via the API doesn’t really buy us anything. It’s the Insights screen that we’re really interested in.