Clear cache has not effect



As the title says. I am using the Beta UI and a version 2 config.yml and hitting clear cache in the settings of the project has no effect at all.


From the docs on naming your cache keys, where it says the cache is immutable and you need to make a new cache key, I got the impression that cache cannot be deleted by us anymore. I have no idea how CircleCI themselves are going to clean up the really old entries though.


I fully understand the decision to make the caches immutable, it ensures that there are absolutely no race conditions. However, us users not having insights and control over our own caches is weird. I’d say it doesn’t matter much if we aren’t going to pay for how much cache we use, or are limited in the amount. I’d say both is unlikely and having some control over the caches would be great.

An easy system for CircleCI would be to check the last access time.

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