CircleCI shows "No Tests" on Github key failures


Filing this enhancement as a usability enhancement. Is it possible to show a different status in the case of authentication failure through Github during the > Checkout using user key: phase.

We had this issue when a developer’s Github was deactivated and it was used for Circle. The error message “No Tests” was confusing and we thought it was something about the structure of our Circle CI configuration circle.yml but were confused because it didn’t change.

Is it possible to fail there and propagate a more relevant error to the status? Something like ‘Github auth Error’

It would be even more awesome to make the suggestion to check the Github owner if they were de-authed from the team, which is what happened in our case. Not super critical because we are able to see that in the views and change the keys but it would save a lot of time in debugging this issue.

Thank you for the awesome product!