CircleCI should have an in-house docker registry


Don’t force us to use a 3rd party for just hosting docker images.


I use the lowest CircleCI tier, and couple that with basic BitBucket (Git hosting) and CodeFresh (Docker registry). They are all free, and it is not much of a bother to sign in to the CodeFresh and push/pull images (easily done from .circleci/config.yml configuration).

Whether CircleCI ought to get into Docker registry hosting is a difficult question, and at the low tier they’d be competing with free, which is a tricky proposition, given that storage and compute time still needs to be paid for. You could always expand on your requirements in some detail, and whether you’d be willing to pay for it, to tempt CircleCI reps into responding.

Edit: I should add that the CodeFresh registry is fine for pushing and pulling images, either latest or tagged, but I’ve struggled to do simple things like listing the registry. Their web app only lists builds where the build was done on CodeFresh’s own systems. I’d certainly be in favour of something better (or easier to use), but I am nevertheless conscious that the ideal price-point of free isn’t feasible for all CI providers to offer.


This duplicates this suggestion.