CircleCI not triggering builds for latest commit on pull requests

This is the commit history of my pull request (note that the pull request was open and not declined when I saw this bug)
The build history for this pull request

The build screen for one of the cancelled jobs

Builds for the latest commit are being auto-cancelled, but even more bizarrely I’m seeing builds for stale commits.

The build being triggered is a workflow that runs a job and triggers two others when completed.

When I disabled the “Run builds on pull requests only” option the problem disappears but this isn’t really a solution as this option is necessary to prevent containers from being clogged up running jobs on all branches.

In the past I’ve seen a variant of this bug where no jobs are being triggered at all (not even one that uses an old commit) - though I’ve noticed this happens when I push several commits in quick succession.


Bumping this, we’re facing the same issue, builds are suddenly not being generated for pull requests.

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