CircleCI not always picking up config.yml


CircleCI: 2.0
Source control: Bitbucket

When CircleCI launches a new test for a new PR, it will sometimes not detect the config.yml in the .circleci directory. CircleCI will give a generic “We didn’t find a circle.yml for this build.” error when this occurs.

The source code in the branch/PR however does have the config.yml file present in .circleci/config.yml.

Once we push a new commit, it will pick up the new file and continue as normal. Rebuilding (even without cache) has no effect.

Any ideas on this issue?
We have an automatic “at least 1 build must pass before you can merge your PR” policy, so we’re going to have to disable that for now.


Version isn't an allowed key

Some more information about the issue:
We’ve enabled the setting “Only build pull requests”, which caused CircleCI to skip the first test when we committed to that branch.

There might be a bug that the circle.yml file is cached as soon as the first test is created?
Interestingly, the “not run” build actually picked up that the project is a 2.0 project, but the next test run (when the PR was submitted) falls back to 1.0 (see screenshot).

(I manually cancelled the second run because it was using the 1.0 instead of 2.0.)

I’ll see if disabling the “Only build pull requests” setting fixes the issue for now.


I have the same issue. I use Bitbucket and I’ve enabled “Only build pull requests”, each build for new PR runs with 1.0 version.


I’ve escalated this problem to our engineers.


Thanks for keeping us updated, any news on this in the meanwhile?


Were getting the same issue …

One thing i did notice, we were using v1 on this repo, then switched to v2 and removed the commands, i wonder if it still thinks were on v1 when its a new branch or something.
Be nice if there was a toggle in the settings to just force v1 or v2.


That wouldn’t work for 2.0 because there is no inference.

This bug seems BitBucket specific.


We are evaluating CircleCI as an alternative to BitBucket pipelines and this bug prevents us from switching over. Has there been any movement on it?


CircleCI: 2.0
Source control: Bitbucket

I’m seeing the same issue with our builds and it’s intermittent and just started yesterday.



Seeing the same issue…
CircleCI: 2.0
Source control: Github
Do NOT have the “only build pull requests” config checked.


I’m facing the same issue. PR runs with 1.0 version and after merge it uses 2.0 version. I’m using bitbucket.


I can confirm that we have the same problem, also using “Only build PR”


I meet same problem. We’re using GitHub and ‘Only build PR’


If you are not seeing any builds triggered from a git push, you likely have an error in the Workflows section of the config. An indentation error is pretty common.

(We’re working on improving the error handling.)


I closed the pull request and re-created another pull request using same branch. It picked up config.yml. I didn’t update the yaml. I think the config is valid because it can run another build.


My setting is

  • GitHub Status updates: ON
  • Build forked pull requests: ON
  • Pass secrets to builds from forked pull requests: ON. test the config.yml by Pull Request
  • Only build pull requests: ON
  • Auto-cancel redundant builds (Does not apply to workflows): ON


I seem to be having this issue too.
I have a branch example with a config.yml, which states to only build on branch example. This build runs with CircleCi 2.
However, all the other branches are running builds with the default CircleCI 1.0 and I haven’t found a way to stop this.
Any ideas? Thanks