CircleCI for Jira Server not in Jira marketplace

Is this Jira addon using the Jira/Circleci orb only available for Jira Cloud?
I can’t find the addon in the Jira marketplace and none of the links for the Jira Server option on lead me to install a Jira addon.

We have the Jira addon in CircleCi that works just fine to manually create a ticket that way, but we want to use the orb to auto update our Jira tickets if we can.

Hi @dackota,

The integration uses APIs requiring Atlassian Connect authorization tokens, and is only available for customers using Jira Cloud. Unfortunately I do no believe Atlassian plans to enable that support for Server.

This is a relatively new feature for Atlassian though, so it could change in the future.

Thanks for the detailed response!