CircleCI Docker images DockerFiles


Can you please release the source for the CircleCI docker files? E.g. circleci/node:7.9.0-browsers?


Yes but not today.


It has been more than 2 weeks, so why it is that hard to provide it? What is that secret about it?

I am having issues with protractor running on circle 2.0 and this would help me find out what is wrong with it.

Thanks for your quick answer.


I think it’s just a lower priority than building the platform. In the meantime, you can use docker history, like docker history circleci/ruby:2.3.4-node-browsers, to see what commands were run. It truncates the output, so you’ll definitely want the --no-trunc flag;

docker history --no-trunc circleci/ruby:2.3.4-node-browsers


Is there a list of these images somewhere? Specifically, we need one based on Ubuntu 14.04.


We’re only extending the official images for a given language, so it is based on their choice. They seem to prefer Jessie.


The source is now public;


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