CircleCI CLI on Linux system issues



When using the CircleCI CLI on Fedora or Red Hat based systems, you will get:

circleci -t latest build
[WARN] Using circleci: circleci/picard:latest Error: error reading config file at .circleci/config.yml: open .circleci/config.yml: permission denied

This is because the mounts are not properly setting a z or Z on the volume mounts. The workaround is to manually change the selinux context, based on

Additionally, if you do not include the -t latest option:

circleci build

/usr/bin/docker-current: Error parsing reference: "circleci/picard@sha256:dae0c12a67ece242e882afb6bfcd64d968d14c25219ac9968d5223c0be169876:" is not a valid repository/tag: invalid reference format.
See '/usr/bin/docker-current run --help'.

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