CircleCI CLI doesn't work in folders names with spaces




I really like what you guys did with the CLI.

I notice that if I try to run circleci build within a path with space, it crashes with the error:
docker: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase.

I can only assume that something like this happens but I have no clue on how should I debug it.

circleci version:

circleci version: 0.0.3792-f06cbf5
Build Agent version: 0.0.3793-f06cbf5
built: 2017-07-26T14:29:53+0000

I hope this does help


Nothing? no one?


Same problem here. Where can CLI bugs be reported? i didn’t see it included as a public project on GitHub.


Yep, I can’t see any references in the CLI docs about this. CircleCI seem to have two Github accounts (here, here) but I can’t see the console repo there.


Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the delayed response. We have an internal ticket about this issue. I’ll update here when we have more info but I don’t have an ETA for a fix right now.

The CLI is not an open source project, so submitting the bug report here, or via a support ticket for customers on paid plans, is the best approach.


I just got bit by this too. For anyone else that runs into it, you can work around it with symlinks.


@jhoos can you add some clarity on your symlink approach, as I run into this as well.