CircleCI 2.0 Parallelism for Django unit test using built in test


Hey community!

I’m struggling on figuring out how to parallelize my django unit tests. I’ve referred to the document, but can’t seem to figure out how globbing would play with the test command.

My project has a pretty standard **/tests/*.py file hierarchy. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

Parallel "stock" Python unit tests with 2.0?

(I don’t know the answer to this, but the general answer to CI questions is “try something and show us what you have”. Set up a demo repo with tests that sleep and pass in order to play around with it.

For example, if you can write four identical tests that sleep for five seconds each and then pass, it should take 20 seconds to run normally. Can you make it run in 10 sec using a parallelisation of 2?)


Hi @qv-pat!

Which testing framework are you using?