CircleCI 2.0 not working with xcode



I am trying to leverage the CircleCI 2.0 “configure multiple jobs” feature to build the same source code into a Linux tarball and a MAC DMG. Can you suggest a good way to do so? Ideally I would configure two build jobs, the default “build” will build the linux distribution; the build-osx will build the DMG. The question is for the Linux build, i have used the node6 docker container by configuring something like this:

- image: node:6

When I do the same for MAC OSX
- image: xcode:7.3

I got the error: image cache not found on this host, downloading xcode:7.3, can anybody help me understand if 2.0 Beta is ready with the support for xcode or did i do something wrong?



I have configured my project (an Electron app which uses electron-builder to build cross-platform executables) using OS X build environment, still get the same error: image cache not found on this host, downloading xcode:7.3

Did I miss anything? As per the following link:
I will need to have .xcodeproj files even it is not an xcode project, but the link is very outdated. Can anybody help here?


CircleCI 2.0 does not yet support running builds on our MacOS fleet. We do not yet have an ETA for when this will be available.