CircleCI 2.0, docker-compose and Docker executor: have my cake and eat it, too?


After reading a bunch of posts around Docker, docker-compose and CircleCI 2.0, I understand that the use case for the docker executor is for “light” uses of Docker, people who don’t use Docker in their tests (from this comment: Building a docker image in docker executor). If you need to use volumes, you should use the machine executor.

While I understand this restriction, my tests don’t need to use volumes: it just so happens that my docker-compose.yml file has a volume that makes development easier.

Here’s a snippet from the docker-compose.yml file. (The stack is Django, FWIW, and we use docker-compose for local development. There are three other services in the file.)

version: '2'
    build: .
       - .:/usr/src/app

If I remove this volume, everything works fine in the docker executor.

One solution I might like is to have a second docker compose file that I can use to override and remove that volume. After looking at the docker-compose.yml documentation, it doesn’t appear this is possible. The solution I’d like to prevent is to duplicate most of the docker-compose.yml file just to build on CircleCI.

Has anyone else had an issue like this? Is there a good solution I’m not thinking of?

I understand this isn’t strictly a CircleCI 2.0 question. However, it becomes important if the machine executor comes at an additional cost. I can currently get exactly what I want with CircleCI 1.0, and it seems odd that a feature that was previously free (and somewhat basic, IMHO) would now have an additional cost to it.


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