CircleCI 2.0 -> /bin/bash: bash: command not found


In circle CI build I am trying to install nvm as follows:

#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
curl -o- | bash
/bin/bash: curl: command not found
/bin/bash: bash: command not found

Please help


(Would you amend your post to add Markdown block formatting please? To do so, (1) edit your post, (2) select your code/config, (3) click the code button, (4) re-save the post. This makes the formatting readable, and allows readers to check indentation. I may be able to help, but I ask that posts are made readable first. Thanks).


Are you using machine or docker executor? Could you give us a build link to take a look? This will not expose any code, and only CircleCI employees will be able to view.


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