Circle.yml Warnings



We have successfully migrated some of our projects to CircleCI 2.0. However, one of them doesn’t seem to run on the new infrastructure and we get circle.yml warnings, as seen below.

Is this something we messed up with our config file?




Can you share the build URL?


Thanks Lev, as discussed via direct messages, a new commit to the project triggered a new build, this time on the 2.0 platform.


Same issue, but a new commit to trigger a new build didn’t worked. :frowning:


@bazaglia Can you reach out to your CSM if this is still happening? That repository may not be properly whitelisted.


I have the same issue.
Could you tell who to contact to ensure my repo is correctly whitelisted ?
Thanks a lot for your help,


Either reach out to the person you have been communicating with to get access to the beta, or just post the repository URI for me to whitelist it.


I had the same problem.

Removing and re-adding my project triggered the new build on 2.0 platform.