Circle.yml verifier/parser


Hi CircleCI team - I love your service but do you have a circle.yml CLI parser? It would be nice if you could expose something via your RESTful API where I can post the circle.yml file to be parsed prior to my pushing changes up to the repo.

Often times I’ll get a syntax error back from your UI - but I have to run a full build to get that error
Please either expose your circle.yml parser via your RESTful API or provide a CLI tool that will let me verify it is syntactically correct - thanks!


circle.yml is a standard yaml file, so should do the trick for you.

I just ran my file though it with no problems, the only thing it can’t check is key names/typos.


Hi there - so having something that can do what as well as verification of key names and typos would really be beneficial.


There’s the CLI tool that you can use to achieve this.

circleci config validate

Will check your .circleci/config.yml file. You can also run

circleci config validate --config circle.yml

If your file is in the root of your project rather than in .circleci


@mads-hartmann is correct. That’s the answer to this.

We also have a blog post showing you how you can use the local build tool to do this validation upon every commit automatically: