Circle v2 doesn't recognize build



I’m trying to migrate from circle v1 to v2.
I created a branch with the new .circleci/config.yml and deleted the old circle.yml.
I created a PR from this branch to master (since I don’t want it to be on master before I see it’s working)
When looking on the circleci it does not even recognize the branch.
My config in the web app was set to build only on pr, I disable this option and commit again to my PR branch but it didn’t work.

you can see the config file here:
And the circle here:


Maybe it’s the hyphen in the job names. Either way, those jobs won’t do what you’re expecting them to do without moving the Workspace over.


Thanks @rohara
It was really the hyphen.
Maybe it something worth mention in the docs somewhere.

Another unrelated question -
When should I use cache and when should I use persist to workspace?
What are the differences between them?
Is the cache available between different workflows / runs?

Thanks a lot!


I filed a bug report for the hyphen issue.

Good questions @GiladShoham


You should use the cache if there are many small files involved, like a node_modules directory. The same is often true for your source cache.

Definitely use the Workspace for moving over things you’ve compiled or built (assuming the inodes are within reason).


I’ll change my jobs to use workspace in some places I used the cache.
Also, i struggled a lot to config parallel testing, there is nothing in the documentation about circleci tests except this doc:
I think there is some place for improvement there.
(I solved it after a lot of time, but it will be helpful for others)


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