Circle using older version of setuptools



I checked this out, and it looks like we are running 3.4.4, as per sudo easy_install --version

As per pypa, the current version of setuptools is 18.6, and indeed it looks like 3.4.4 was back in April 2014

Now, there is a fix/workaround:

Is this something we can get updated/fixed in the build images? :smile:


@drazisil Thanks!

I don’t think this is really a :bug: :slight_smile:

But it’s definitely a feature request. So I added one.


@kimh would you be ok with adding this kind of stuff here and tagging it image-update or something?


Yes, this would be a welcome enhancement. As of right now, you can’t install mock==1.3.0 in a CircleCI build, because it will find the old setuptools and fail.


I’d like to +1 on this—I’ve hit the same issue trying to install the mock package several times. Thanks!


In lue of posting +1 please :heart: the request, its how CircleCi gauges interest on feature requests :slight_smile:


Be sure to click on the heart to add your support for this feature (as well as any others) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the workaround! One important thing that had me stumped for a while: make sure to run a ‘Rebuild without cache’ after updating your circle.yml. In my case, Circle.CI was using a cached venv that was created with the older version of virtualenv/setuptools/pip.