Circle not finding my .circleci/config.yml


I’m transitioning over to 2.0 and I’ve created and pushed a .circleci/config.yml file, but when I push to the branch and CircleCI attempts a build, it says:

We didn’t find a circle.yml for this build. You can specify deployment or override our inferred test steps from a circle.yml checked in to your repo’s root directory.

Is there some other step I need to take to get Circle to pick up my 2.0 config? It was reading my circle.yml previously just fine.


Is your config valid yaml? That’s a common issue I’ve seen where the config does not valid as yaml so our system can’t read it, thus throwing that error.


It did have an error, but now that it doesn’t, the problem still persists:

> circleci config validate -c .circleci/config.yml 

  config file is valid


Can you link me to the build and provide the config separately if it’s not accessible within the Config tab of that build?


@rohara Link & config sent in PM.


To those who encounter this, we’re running CircleCI Enterprise and as of today, 2.0 is not supported on Enterprise. :disappointed:


Is this still an issue with enterprise?


I’m not using enterprise, using it on OSS projects off github and the same issue occurs. We use circle with enterprise at work and this is NOT an issue there, so kinda perplexed this hasn’t been solved with 1.0 being sunset in August…


Are you having a problem yourself? If so, the best approach is to share the YAML file here (in a formatted block please) so readers can take a look at it.

I seem to recall there is a downloadable Circle utility that, among other things, lets the user validate their config file locally. However, I have not used it - my IDE checks for basic YAML errors.


If no build is triggered, your workflows section of the config is invalid. If you want to gist it for us, we can take a look.