Circle 2.0 Workflow Filters Should be logical AND not OR



Hi all, Circle 2.0 is great. However, the workflow filter functionality is somewhat broken for our particular deploy practice (which I think many others share), namely:

Releases should go out only when the commit is both tagged AND pushed to a particular branch.

We try to get this behavior by having a job named “deploy_production” which has the following gate filters for deploying to production (relevant section below):

  - deploy_production:
        - build_and_push
          only: /^v\d+.\d+.\d+$/
          only: /^release$/

What we want is to only run deploy_production when there is a tag matching the only regex AND when the branch is “release”. However, what we’ve observed is that this job runs when there is a tag matching the only regex OR when the branch is “release”.

This makes no sense given the way Circle 1.0 worked with respect to filtering portions of a build process/workflow, which behaved as a logical AND. I think most people expect for this to be more restrictive.

Can you create a way to have both filters be applied instead of either one? I’m sure it would make a lot of people happy.

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I agree, I have the same issue.


Actually, you should have the option to choose. Something like this:

    - tags:
        only: /^v\d+.\d+.\d+$/
    - branches:
        only: /^release$/


Completely agree. This behavior is very nonintuitive. Anyone from Circle care to discuss?


I also would like to see this be AND by default or at the very least configurable, it was very surprising it behaved this way.


+1 for logical AND


Absolutely agree. Doesn’t make much sense to use OR.


What about if the default stays OR for backward compatibility and there should be SCBbestof’s answer in any deep version. (and: or: tags: and: tags branches)

I have two workflows with opposite filters and both are run when I do a pull request; I would expect only one to run

Agree with tbrock here, the current OR method provides too much room for error. I would also love (and need) to make use of an AND option.


Also agree - OR seems really not useful. AND provides some real flexibility.