CI_PULL_REQUEST no longer when building a PR

Thanks for the updates everyone. To summarise:

  • the env vars relating to PRs are only populated when the build is part of a PR (if the build is part of a PR and CI_PULL_REQUEST is missing, please contact support from within the application)
  • there was an issue last week relating to PR webhooks from GitHub which we have now fixed
  • our suggested workaround to achieve ‘Running Specific Tests Only On A Pull Request’ has a couple of drawbacks as described by @rcedwards here
  • the script above from @vanduynslagerp will help if you need access to CI_PULL_REQUEST for all builds
  • Please vote for the feature request for ‘Option to disable builds on commit pushes’ if that would be helpful for you to only build on PRs. Although the request was made some months ago, the more votes / likes it gets really will move it up our queue of features to implement.