Ci/circleci vs ci/circlei:build status checks - what is the difference? one or the other never finishes



I am new to CircleCi and I am using 2.0.

I am having a issue with the github branch protection circleci status checks. When one passes, the other hangs and waits for check a that never happens. It can also be vice versa.


What exactly is the difference between ci/circleci and ci/circlei:build? they both kick off when I have no workflows and only one job named build:

version: 2
      # specify the version you desire here
      - image: circleci/node:7.10

      # Specify service dependencies here if necessary
      # CircleCI maintains a library of pre-built images
      # documented at
      # - image: circleci/mongo:3.4.4

    working_directory: ~/repo

      - checkout

      # Download and cache dependencies
      - restore_cache:
          - v1-dependencies-{{ checksum "package.json" }}
          # fallback to using the latest cache if no exact match is found
          - v1-dependencies-

      - run: yarn install

      - save_cache:
            - node_modules
          key: v1-dependencies-{{ checksum "package.json" }}

      # run tests!
      - run: yarn test



Hi @dman777,

Looking over your account, there were a couple instances in which workflows was configured. The GitHub status checks reflect those used in the past week. So you will see all that had built at least once in the past week.


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