Choose Subject for Parameterized Builds


One feature that would be enormously helpful to us, would be somehow annotating the list view with the build parameters. Possibly add a new parameter to the Build API subject.

Here’s my justification: parameterized builds allow you inject environment variables into your build. This allows your build to be more semantically linked to the build parameters than to the commit message. Currently, in the circleci web interface there’s no way to find the build parameters without clicking into the specific build and clicking on the “Build Parameters” tab. This means that the list of builds shown will display the commit message which may not be very meaningful.

The use case for such a feature would be creating an-at-a-glance audit log of which builds ran without having to click through each build to see the build parameters. Especially when using Circle CI for deployment, having this audit log would make it trivial to determine what was on a given environment and when.

Here’s a propose API request:

curl \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"subject":"Deploying master (32fd42a) to production"}' \$CIRCLE_API_TOKEN

Then, the build shown in circleci’s list view would be titled “Deploying master (32fd42a) to production”.


+1 for this. I just contacted support and asked that the job parameters be displayed in the list view. Being able to customize which ones are shown would be even better!



+1, also annotating with arbitrary data, like how Sauce Labs lets you choose the name of each build and add tags and arbitrary custom data:

Also, this should be allowed on retries, not just new builds. It makes sense that when retrying a build we can’t change the build parameters, but annotations should be allowed to be changed. (My use case is a Slack slash command that, using the API token for a bot user, retries builds; in CircleCI’s system it gets credited with retrying the build, but I’d like to be able to annotate it with the Slack user who request the rebuild.)