Can't run workflow at `circleci-images` fork



The workflow build_test_deploy in my fork of your circleci-images repo returns:

We weren’t able to start this workflow.
Job “publish_android” has filters configured in the job definition. These filters are incompatible with workflows. […]

This workflow is triggered from a commit in the fork’s master branch. So it can’t be the branch filter itself, can it? What else could be the reason?


Hi there,

the publish_android job definition specifies branch filtering at the job level.

Reconciling these filters with workflows filters without causing surprising behaviour is tricky, even when they appear mergeable, not to mention that both types of filters can contradict each other.

Rather than cause deployments when people don’t expect them we now refuse to run workflows when the job definitions contain branch filters.

The config in circleci/circleci-images pre-dates that, I’ve a PR up to fix that config, thanks for pointing it out!


@gordon Thanks for your quick answer and fix.


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