Can't find my config.yml



I’m trying to get started with circle 2.0, I’ve got a big project that I’ve put a minimal .circleci/config.yml file in but when I push to GitHub circle finds the commit but doesn’t build anything. If I click on the circle.yml tab, it says “We didn’t find a circle.yml for this build. You can specify deployment or override our inferred test steps from a circle.yml checked in to your repo’s root directory.”

And below that it says “Sorry! Your build didn’t run because it looks like you haven’t selected an OS X plan yet. If you have any questions, please free to contact us in support”

While there is iOS source code in my repository, there is not any mention of it in my circle config file. I’m only compiling go code in a docker image in it.


For any circle peeps, this is my project:


Turn off OSX then


Thank you! Why would it not use the value in my circle.yml file to determine that automatically?


I can see where it seems odd, but OSX isn’t support on 2.0, so when we see OSX is enabled, we won’t try 2.0 at all.


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