Can't checksum multiple files with slashes in the file path

If you have a cache key based on multiple files for a checksum, then the config parser throws an error:

      - restore_cache:
          key: figwheel-{{ checksum "plugin/project.clj" }}-{{ checksum "sidecar/project.clj }}-{{ checksum "support/project.clj }}

Error computing cache key: template: cacheKey:1: bad character U+002F '/'

It seems as if there is more than one / in checksum calculations then this throws an error.

See for the full build details. The project still builds even though the cache key fails.

I’m not familiar with this particular shortcoming, but I’ve suggested a general workaround for cache checksums here.

Thanks, I ended up running

shasum sidecar/project.clj plugin/project.clj support/project.clj > checksum.tmp

and using the checksum of checksum.tmp as the cache key.


Hey it looks like you’ve got an error with the checksum in that you are missing end-quotes on the second 2 instances of checksum. I’m doing this and it worked fine.


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