Cannot identify image file

I have some images on Git LFS and i’m trying to access them for some tests.

However, when tests run on Circle CI, I get this error: `cannot identify image file ‘.png’

Any ideas?

can you provide more details of your build plan

@mdeshmukh I am using this docker image that I have created.

In my config file, i run git lfs pull and after cloning my repository, I run these specific tests.

When I navigate to the path and print the existing files using glob, the files seem to be there. Also, I rerun the job with SSH, and connected to the box, and the files where indeed there.

However, when I try to access them I get the above error. i.e. i tried printing their size.

Do you need something more specific?

I figured it out. The issue was that the files were not pulled correctly, and i had to git lfs pull inside the directory of the files.

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