"Cannot find a job named `build` to run in the `jobs:` section"


Is there something wrong with this configuration? It looks correct based on what I have read in the documentation and what I see at https://github.com/circleci/frontend/blob/master/.circleci/config.yml .


Anyone have any suggestions on this? I would like for my jobs to actually get run.


Sorry to possibly pollute your thread, but I was following it in case it yielded useful help for my problem. Take a look at my issue, it might be your answer too!


I don’t see how that could possibly be the issue. This error is coming from the container.


I had the same error message you had. I was running my builds from the ‘Builds’ section incorrectly as there was nothing available in the workflows section. If you’re running yours from the Builds section expecting the Workflows section to get hit then maybe it’s the same issue…

But having looked at you config now, a pure guess… you’re using bespoke job names (i.e. something other than ‘build’, which are only configurable from a ‘Workflows’ section which you have omitted.


I think I am seeing the same issue

I submitted a “touch” commit (e.g. add/remove some whitespace) to the circle yaml file and it seemed to work after that without issues.


I don’t have any workflows. I only have two jobs defined, neither of which are named “build”. But the documentation indicates that job names are arbitrary and do not have to be named “build”.


I’ll persevere…

jobs documentation for v2.0

If you are using Workflows, jobs must have a name that is unique within the .circleci/config.yml file.

If you are not using workflows, the jobs map must contain a job named build. This build job is the default entry-point for a run that is triggered by a push to your VCS provider. It is possible to then specify additional jobs and run them using the CircleCI API

You are not using workflows …hence cannot use arbitrary job names.


Well that’s annoying. I did not see that in the doc describing the file format.


I got it working. Thank you for pointing out what I couldn’t see right in front of my face @elbeardmorez.


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