Can one subscribe colleagues to projects on their behalf?


I have been using CircleCI happily but there is something I would like to do that I keep looking for in the forums and docs but cannot find any mention of it. I have colleagues invited to CircleCI for various projects but I cannot find a way to manage their subscriptions, in particular to be able to subscribe a colleague to a project. Everything I find talks about how to invite users to your CircleCI team, and how to manage your own project subscriptions, but I would like to add a group of users as subscribers to a number of projects without having to pester everyone into doing the subscriptions for themselves. Is there a way to do this, and if so can one point me to any documentation or forum reference describing how to do this?


This is an interesting FR. I’d love to see if others want it.

One thing we did to solve a similar usecase - if a user hasn’t declared unfollow before, upon their first commit to the project, we’ll follow them to the project. This triggers the initial email to let you know we’ve followed you and the eventual build pass/fail emails.

Given this functionality, I’d be surprised how useful this feature would be for most teams as it seems pretty seamless to start a conversation about subscribing/following after they commit. But do let me know if I missed something!


Mr. Kumar,

Many thanks for your interest in this capability! I’ve seen projects trying to introduce CI fall apart for want of getting everyone in a team consistently engaged with the CI system. If it takes too long to get everyone watching the test results on a project, it’s easy to have the test suites fall apart as their maintenance gets spotty, dev start to see test maintenance as a hassle, and the whole virtuous circle driving CI starts falling apart. I realize this can and should be addressed with better on-boarding, training, and managerial support, but I think a technological assist with a feature to manage team subscriptions would be a great help.

I like the idea of doing an automatic follow on a first commit, as something like that could work well for the situation I’m facing. It would be nice to have some ability to limit which repositories are subject to this feature, maybe by providing some sort of “opt-in” or “opt-out” on commit flag that could be controlled either by the web interface or maybe in the circle.yml file.

Thanks again for your interest.