Can one do MacOS builds in CircleCI 2.0?


Is it possible to do MacOS builds with CircleCI 2.0? Please say “NO” if the answer is no.

This question was asked in How does one do macOS builds in Circle 2.0? but the answer wasn’t clear. It said “no executor” but didn’t clearly say “nope”.

One of our products builds and runs on both MacOS and Linux - we’ve been using Linux for testing for some time, but it seemed since MacOS was more popular among users, we’d be best to test on MacOS and Linux. Or at least try MacOS. But if it’s not possible…

OS X / macOS / iOS Support on CircleCI 2.0

No, OSX is unsupported on 2.0 at this time.


Is there an ETA for implementing support?


Any ETA on this?


+1 to this. Please support OS X for Circle v2


+1 to this so hard. Would love to be able to throw an OSX build into a workflow


I’m closing this topic in favor of the feature request here. Please heart the top post in that thread to show your support.



This post is a bit old, but I’m updating it since it still appears high on Google.

A macOS executor is now available on CircleCI 2.0. You can get started with the macOS 2.0 docs.