Can I use organization context using the local CLI?

I have an organization context with some of the environment variables that are used in my build, and I’d like to use them on my local PC while testing my jobs via circleci CLI command ( e.g. circleci local execute --job JOB_NAME). with default setup:

  version: 2
      - validate:
            - some-org-context

Is there any way to achieve such a result?

Hi @hbmshemet how is it going? Have you tried to export the variables in that context in your shell terminal?. I know there are limitations when you want to execute your job locally Local CI pipeline development | CircleCI

Yeah, there are :pensive:
I’ve added the missing config to my local job config while testing it and removed it before committing my changes. But it would be much easier just to use organization context.

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Sorry Broh :pensive: