Cache not being found


My cache login is straightforward:

  - type: cache-restore
    key: ironzion-{{ .Branch }}-{{ checksum "package.json" }}
  - type: shell
    command: npm install
  - type: cache-save
    key: ironzion-{{ .Branch }}-{{ checksum "package.json" }}
      - ./node_modules/

However, I’m seeing this behavior:

I would expect the cache to be found (it keeps failing on rebuild)


also, fwiw, the ‘.’ in the save-cache log line is confusing when trying to compare checksums! :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron,

Could you share a link to a build where you’re seeing this happen?

Thanks for the feedback about the . at the end of the cache save. I’ll pass that on internally.




Thanks for the link! That doesn’t look right to me. I went ahead and filed a bug with our team.


Thank you sir, looking forward to working more w/ the v2 beta

Cache restoration on "machine" executor takes a long time

seems to be working now. was try to cache a hidden folder .cache
removed the dot and cache seems to be working.


@rohara looks like this is now fixed, a little sad I didn’t get a follow up :frowning:


Thanks for reporting back about this Aaron, and glad it’s working for you.

Sorry about not following up.

I would love to be able to follow up with bug reports when they’re fixed. That’s really only possible for the biggest issues at the moment. Though Ryan and I are engineers at CircleCI, we’re spending our time watching these discussion threads, reproducing problems, and offering solutions/workarounds or passing on bug reports.

He and I don’t have a good sense of when these fixes are merged, or when they’re getting into production. To be more on top of resolved issues, we’d have to prioritize it higher than our other tasks, which would lead to slower response times or slower bug report/fix cycles. We are looking for ways to improve our tooling and process around this, though.