Bundle ~/.cocoapods with Xcode images

The current solution to download the specs every time from S3 still adds 1.5 minutes to every build.

curl https://cocoapods-specs.circleci.com/fetch-cocoapods-repo-from-s3.sh | bash -s cf

Including a recent-ish checkout of the CocoaPods specs repo with the image itself would allow for much faster builds. This is what Travis-CI does, and often allows you to skip pod repo update entirely if their image is new enough, and when you do, the repo update is generally pretty fast since it’s a somewhat recent checkout.


Another alternative would be to use something other than gzip for the compressed S3 download. Using lz4 would allow for a much faster decompression step. https://github.com/lz4/lz4

edit: Turns out using lz4 is actually not much faster because it’s constrained by tar file IO and not the gzip decompression.

I know this is a duplicate of some other issues, but they received no responses.

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