Built-in Heroku deploy support


With the recent announcement that we are being forced off of CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0 in 6 months, I want to make sure to point out a few missing features that are currently preventing/making it difficult for us to migrate to 2.0.

Is there any timeline on when direct support for heroku deploys will be added? or are we solely resigned to building it our self only?


There’s a feature suggestions box on the main site, so make sure you add this there.

What do you at present for Heroku deploys, and what would direct support look like?


Right now we using the built-in circleci management of setting up the deploy keys / ssh etc… then we simply have git push calls (as the standard deploy didn’t quite work) and then on some apps we run a rake task or 2 to perform some operations post-deploy.

So, I guess really it’s the “it would be really nice to have the automatic management of api/ssh keys in circle”.